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Deniz Döküm started casting production in 1971 with Mechanical Engineer Gültekin Güney and 2 workers in a workshop in Ankara Deniz Döküm moved to its own place in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone in 1977. In those years, only pig casting could be cast with a coal cupola furnace. With its current monthly average casting capacity of 450 tons, steel (stainless, high manganese, low alloy, etc.), pig, ductile, aluminum and copper alloys are poured in every special alloy desired by our customers at home and abroad. Max. The weight of one piece we can pour is 5 tons. Our automatic molding line was commissioned in 2005 for large orders in large numbers. For this line, SİNTO brand high pressure molding machine was imported from Germany. It can mold 35 degrees per hour and its degree dimensions are 600 x 450 x 200 mm. Again, Eirich Brand 10 t/h capacity automatic humidity controlled turbo mixer was imported from Germany, so that the mold sands were prepared by mixing them in a controlled manner. In Deniz Döküm, which is established on an area of 6500 square meters, we mold large parts with the furan air hardening molding method. For this, we have an automatic resin mixer with a capacity of 5t/h. In addition, at the end of 2005, the capacity was increased by commissioning the FTL brand 10-arm resin sand mixer imported from the UK with a capacity of 2 t/h. Spades are also made with shell core machine. In 2005, it was decided to enter machining in order to process the grades of our molding line in-house and to offer some of our castings to our customers as processed instead of raw. Currently, our company is a user of Licensed Solidworks and Solidcam programs and all kinds of molds, models and parts are manufactured. 2019 in 27. It continues its works with 30x1400 mm furan molding line and other equipments in its new place of 1200 thousand square meters in Cadde. Large styrofoam models can also be cast with full mold method up to 7.5 tons in one piece. In addition to these, we have machines required for metal cutting machine, hole drilling machine, etc. for machining. With our ISO 9001 quality certificate, our company is constantly investing in order to respond to the increasing competition conditions and the demands of our customers. We would like to thank all our valued customers who have enabled us to operate for more than 50 years.

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