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ABOUT Kocaeli Defense Industry and Trade Inc. its installation was completed on 28 March 2019 and its purpose is; Turkish Defense Industry; is to be established in a unity, to be developed together with our entire industry and to be able to increase to the level of manufacturing and technological maturity that can integrate with the existing defense, aerospace and space industries in the world, and thus the production and export of defense, aviation and space vehicles and equipment. In other words, world markets are targeted with devices and systems to be realized locally and nationally with original designs. CSR has a total of 64 partners. It consists of 2 chambers Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and Kocaeli Chamber of Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors, 50 companies and 12 private partnerships. CSR possibilities and capabilities are not limited to its partners, but it includes a greater capability resulting from the synergy of this partnership. Starting to do what is not done with more than 10 R&D centers and approximately 10,000 employees in CSS, both hospitals and shipyards, located in every area from CNC workbench, LED lighting, construction to automotive, education to animal feed, It is a giant roofing company that is ready to be a solution partner in all kinds of subjects. BUSINESS LINE OR LINES Machining, metal shaping, white goods, automotive supply industry, aviation, livestock and feed industry, construction, shipbuilding, hospital, lighting, cable manufacturing, metal casting, software, information technologies, engineering services, investment / intellectual and industrial property rights consultancy, forest products, strategic, financial, marketing, production, business processes, projects, etc. of an organization. management services and consultancy on trademark and franchise, special-purpose machinery development, automation systems, metal processing, metal injection, metal bending, industrial / defense industry / electric vehicle / frameless motors production, aluminum bar, rod, wire and profile, tube, manufacture of pipes and fittings (including those of alloy), electrical application processes on industrial and non-industrial issues, production of natural gas installation and fire systems, gear, pump and valve production, steel construction products, electronic card production and repair, production of hardware and software systems, maintenance and repair, system integration processes, aluminum curtain wall systems, small and medium sized special initiatives, quality certification and testing of electrical, electronic, electromechanical and electromagnetic products or parts, sheet metal cutting, sheet bending, cylinder, press, CNC Precision Plasma , CNC Laser, Optical oxygen-shaped fast cutting and elevator buckets, pressurized - non-pressurized containers, stainless steel sheet works, hydraulic, electromechanical and robotics, mechanical and automation, aircraft cabin and yacht equipment, ready-to-wear, wire and c


KSS MMGPU series 4200 is a compact, lightweight, highly accurate meteorological observation and global positioning system. It is specifically designed for use on tracked (MBT s) or wheeled (APC s) vehicles as well as any kind of navy ships. The device measures Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Barometric pressure, Ambient Temperature, Relative humidity, Geographical Direction, Geographical Position.

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