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Büyükdere Mahallesi Gençlik Bulvarı ESOGÜ Meşelik Kampüsü, Teknopark Binası No: 4/59 B23 / ODUNPAZARI / ESKİŞEHİR / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 222 229 0710
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Stand: 122A
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Inovasyon Muhendislik was established in 2010. The company conducts R&D studies supported by Kosgeb and Tübitak on indoor and outdoor positioning systems, smart vehicles. It realizes the design, development and production of embedded system-based electronic equipment and systems in these projects.

Indoor Positioning SystemIndoor Positioning System

Indoor Positioning Systems are used for the location determination of moving objects and route tracking in environments without GPS. Moving objects in areas such as factories, mines and parking garages are located and recorded in the database. Depending on the size of the environment, coverage can be extended by adding additional Indoor Satellites. Dynamic objects such as personnel, forklift, mold, pallet and valuable equipment can be monitored remotely and necessary analysis can be taken through the interfaces.

INOTA Autonomous Mobile RobotINOTA Autonomous Mobile Robot

The lidar laser scanner on the INOTA maps the environment and this map is saved in the interface. Workstations are defined on the map and material-load transfer takes place between these stations. When its charge is low, it autonomously heads to the charging station and connects to the charger itself without the need for any personnel. When it is charged, it continues its duty in the field from where it left off. No battery replacement is required for charging. No cable, tape or magnetic line infrastructure is needed during the commissioning process. Calculates the free space around the obstacle when an unexpected obstacle, such as a pallet, box, or equipment, is in front of it. If there is enough space, it moves around to the destination, if there is not enough space, it reaches the destination by drawing a new route. It determines the best route to reach the destination. Thanks to its safe driving technology, it minimizes product losses due to transportation and offers a safe intralogistics opportunity. It performs the duty of transporting material-load between stations 24/7, does not need any auxiliary personnel during its duty. In this way, the in-plant carrying capacity is determined precisely and production planning is made in accordance with this capacity. The laser scanners on it detect the obstacles, slow down at the most accurate acceleration, helping to prevent carrier-related work accidents.

UPLAT: Virtual Robotics LaboratoryUPLAT: Virtual Robotics Laboratory

U-Plat Virtual Robotics Laboratory provides users with an online platform for education and research with the latest technology subsystems running in the background. People who want to study or learn about robotics can quickly access Robot operating system and training sets from beginner to upper level on the web without having to deal with the installation of complex systems such as Linux and Robot Operating System (ROS) with U-Plat.

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