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75. Yıl OSB Mah. 7. Cad. No: 16 / ODUNPAZARI / ESKİŞEHİR / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 552 811 6771
Hall2: 1
Stand: 134A
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  • hoarding

We have been operating in the agricultural machinery manufacturing sector since 1965. We continue with the Feed Mixer Machine, which we have been producing for 3 years, in the machinery sector that we entered with the trailer production. Feed Mixer Machines have become very common with the benefit seen today. With our special knives that we produce, we provide longer use and reduce the cost of changing the blades to a minimum. Double auger is used in all of our Feed Mixing Machines that we produce horizontally, and for this reason, we can reach a more homogeneous mixture in a shorter time. In addition, we operate in the Industrial Machinery sector with the production of Standard Type Manual Pallet Trucks and Scrap Waste Boilers. Today, thanks to Industrial Construction Machinery, while saving time, there can be some improvements in cost. While mass production is increasing thanks to the machines used in the industrial field, the intensity brought by the human power is also reduced. We take care to manufacture our machines in accordance with the needs of our customers. Rather than producing a standard machine, we are trying to produce machines that will provide maximum benefit according to the wishes and needs of our customers. This goal of ours also provides us with customer satisfaction. We are with our customers not only during the purchase but also after the sale. We continue to produce solutions that will provide maximum benefit to our customers, and to stand by and support them on issues such as machine use, maintenance, repair and spare parts.

Standard Tip Manual Pallet TruckPallet Truck

They are load carrying vehicles that can lift heavy loads for which manpower is not sufficient, are used for short or long distance transportation, and work with manual, semi-battery, battery-powered or fully battery-operated options. It is especially used for the transportation of heavy loads and is one of the most important construction machines in the market. The capacity of pallet trucks varies according to the space and load used. The pallet truck consists of two blades that go under the pallet and a hydraulic pump. By inserting the knives into the spaces under the pallets and then lifting these knives in the upward direction, the load is taken on. Generally for pallet trucks, it is a hydraulic jack developed for pallet handling operation.

Scrap Waste BoilerScrap Waste Boiler

The tilting scrap boiler ensures that all kinds of metal, paper, etc. waste materials accumulated in the enterprise are collected and transported to the waste collection area with the help of a forklift. Scrap boilers can be manufactured with wheels and stackable features. The tilting scrap boiler can be easily transported to the desired location in the enterprise and is ergonomic. The product, also known as a tilting scrap container, allows the forklift driver to easily empty the waste or scrap inside it without descending, with the help of the apparatus on it, during transportation by forklift.

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